Monday, December 9, 2013


Deepest in the sky,
somewhere I found,
my wishes are still lost in the sky.....

I prayed harder to put them together,
so they reach faster where God recites.

My body and my soul,
roaming all alone in the crowded place of my existence,
is what I found.....

And I am not allowed to accompany or be accompanied,
So tightly I am BOUND.

Time: 07:35p.m



Soaking my life deepest in relations,
Letting my heart sink in meaningless emotions,
I search for my identity which is lost somewhere,
I search for my existence, so unfair...

Date: 09-12-2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Jab sach hota hai koi sapna...kaisa lagta hai?
Jab paas hota hai koi apna ...kaisa lagta hai?

Jab akelapan baant le koi de ke surprise

Jab bas gala laga ke koi kar de mesmerize

Jab tanha ho tum..aur koi yeh keh de k..m thr 4 u all d tym.........kaisa lagta hai?

Jab badi-badi mushkilo me choti c hasi de de koi..
Jab anjaani raahon me haath tham le koi..
Jab andheri raaton me neend naa aaye..aur aa k pyaar se koi sar thapthapaye....kaisa lagta hai?....kaisa lagta hai.?...kaisa lagta hai?..
Date: 01-jan-2012                                                                                                       Time:2:00a.m

Sunday, February 28, 2010


An evening, near a window, an old man Om sitting watching sun set and thinking about his family which includes his two sons and a daughter and the very inseparable part of his life i.e., his wife. He has everything, big flat, well settled children and the memories of his beloved wife. His eldest son Raman who stays in Mumbai …married to a beautiful lady. Raman works in a multinational company and is enjoying his life with his wife and two sons.
  Then comes his daughter, who is again married with a NRI bank manager staying in U.K. And then, is the Om’s youngest son Aryan living in Bangalore working as a software engineer. Om’s wife died long ago i.e. when his youngest son was in twelfth standard. Om is routine to his daily schedule i.e. morning walk, reading newspaper etc. His children come and meet him occasionally i.e. Om most probably spends his evening by sitting near to his window watching sunset.
  But today it was not as like it used to be usually. He was lost somewhere and so was missing something…..and that was his wife along with her memories. He called up his children one by one to console his heart but everybody told him about that they are busy whether they were stuck to work or not.

  Om drew out his wife photo frame and felt to his body watching his wife lovingly, cherishing his memories. He kept the frame close to his chest and left his mind and soul to wonder in her memories. Evening swept away and the night came and passed away. Next morning, the door which is usually used to be opened by 06:00am didn’t open till 10:00a.m. Milkman left the milk packets and the hawker left the newspaper at the door knocking it long. Neighbor came out and knocks the door suspiciously and after a few while they informed the police. Police enquired a lot about Om to his neighbor and called upon his relatives. They were surprise to know that Om was staying alone from a long while. Finally, i.e. after the arrival of everybody police broke the door open…and what they found was ……Om sleeping peacefully with wife’s photo frame on his chest with his face calm and quite as if still thinking about his wife, closing his eyes as if not willing to come out of his dream ever…………

Date:- 28-feb-2010

Time:- 02:00a.m 

Friday, January 1, 2010


A ‘Soul’ sitting inside a cage looking at the sky; thinking of flying high and high,
She opens her wings and spreads them wide; and then suddenly realize that she is jailed inside. Then she starts wondering that why she is inside …….
And what she finds… that it is because of all the mistakes she committed while being alive.

The mistakes were she trusted people in life,
She pushed forward those who were left behind,
She supported them whom the world pushed aside,
The life started revolving live in front of her eyes.

Finally, she closed her eyes and blocked all the thoughts inside her mind,
And left thinking that why she is inside; compromising the death after the end of the life,
Never trying to fly but kept looking at the sky and thinking.. that next time when I’ll die,
I’ll never do what I did last time being alive………...



Monday, November 16, 2009


Zindagi jo kabhi khwahish hua karti thi,
Na jane aaj kyu mushkil ban k khadi hai,
Kitna samjha rahi hu isey,
Na jane Kyu zid pe adi hai.

Jitna karu isey suljhane ki koshish,
Yeh ulajhti hi jaati hai,
Jitna isey sambhalu mai,
Yeh pag-pag dagmati hai.

Kabhi tamanna to kabhi sapna ban jati hai,
Aur agar kabhi bhatak jau toh,
Mujhe haqikat se milati hai.
Kabhi dikhati hai rasta manzil pane ka,
Toh kabhi khud hi rukawat ban k khadi ho jati hai.

Kabhi khushi toh kabhi ehsaas, Naa jane kya-kya ban jati hai,
Jitni bhi ho taklif ho isey, chup-chap sehti jaati hai,
Kabhi aansu toh kabhi dard ban chalak aati hai,
Na jane yeh mujhse kya chahti hai…..
Kabhi intezar toh kabhi didar ban jati hai,
Na jane yeh kya kehna chahti hai…..



Sunday, November 15, 2009


I came to know about the reality,
I can think about the specialty,
Now I can also help other self,
I found myself, I found myself.

Yesterday was a lesson for me,
Which game the secret key,
The key opened the door of success,
I found myself, I found myself.

Nobody taught me to threat others,
Nobody taught me to hurt on purpose,
The thing I learned is to check own self,
I found myself, I found myself.

Stars above my head, ground under my feet,
I know that I will surely succeed,
I don't care about those who think of themselves,
I found myself, I found myself

Date:- 13-Apr-2004